Alcat 200 Vegetarian Food Panel

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Alcat 200 Vegetarian Food Sensitivity Panel

The Alcat 200 Vegetarian Food Sensitivity Panel is a blood test that can help uncover which vegetarian foods trigger chronic inflammation and other autoimmune related health issues.

What’s Being Tested:

Acorn Squash Adzuki Beans Almond Apple Apricot Arrow Root
Artichoke Arugula Asparagus Avocado Baker’s Yeast Banana
Barley Basil Bay Leaf Bell Pepper Mix Black Beans Black Currant
Black Pepper Blackberry Black-Eyed Pea Blueberry Bok Choy Boston Bibb (Butter) Lettuce
Brazil Nut Brewer’s Yeast Broccoli Brussel Sprouts Buckwheat Butternut Squash
Cabbage Candida Albican Cane Sugar Cannellini Beans Canola Oil Cantaloupe
Capers Caraway Cardamom Carob Carrot Casein
Cashew Cauliflower Cayenne Pepper Celery Chamomile Cherry
Chia Chick Pea Chicory Chili pepper Chives Chocolate
Cilantro Cinnamon Clove Coconut Coffee Collard Greens
Coriander Corn Cow’s Milk Cranberry Cucumber Cumin
Curry Dandelion Date Dill Mix Egg White Egg Yolk
Eggplant Endive Escarole Fava Bean Fennel Fig
Flaxseed Fructose Garlic Ginger Gluten/Gliadin Goat’s milk
Grape Grapefruit Green Pea Guava Hazelnut Hemp
Honey Honeydew Melon Hops Horseradish Jalapeno Pepper Kale
Kelp Kidney Bean Kiwi Lactose Leek Lemon
Lentil Bean Lettuce Licorice Lima Bean Lime Lychee
Macadamia Malt Mango Maple sugar Millet Molasses
Mung Bean Mushroom Mustard Seed Mustard Greens Navy Bean Nectarine
Nutmeg Nutritional Yeast Oat Okra Olive Onion
Orange Oregano Papaya Paprika Parsley Parsnip
Peach Peanut Pear Pecan Peppermint Persimmon
Pine Nut Pineapple Pinto Bean Pistachio Plum Pomegranate
Portobello Mushroom Psyllium Pumpkin Quinoa Radish Raspberry
Red Beet Red/Green Leaf Lettuce Rhubarb Rice Romaine Lettuce Rosemary
Rye Safflower Saffron Sage Scallion Seaweed (Wakame)
Sesame Shallots Sheep’s Milk Shitake Mushroom Sorghum Soybean
Spaghetti Squash Spearmint Spelt Spinach Squash Zucchini
Star fruit Strawberry String Bean Sunflower Sweet Potato Swiss Chard
Tangerine Taro Tapioca Tarragon Tea Teff
Thyme Tomato Turmeric Turnip Vanilla Walnut
Watercress Watermelon Water Chestnut Wheat Whey White Potato
Wild Rice Yam Yellow Squash

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Turnaround Time: 7-10 business days


  • Result explanations are conducted by Alcat only. After receiving your results call 954-426-2304 to schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation.
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