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At TrueHealthLabs.com, our mission is to lower the cost of laboratory tests while giving people tools to control their own health. If this is also your purpose, then our affiliate program is right for you.



Who Would Benefit?

  1. *Healthcare providers who want to provide affordable, cash-based lab testing to their website visitors. Note that licenced healthcare practicitions can not get affiliate credit for those they have a doctor/patient relationship with.

  2. Health and wellness coaches – Implementing nutritional testing into your programs is extremely powerful. People achieve success faster when they see their numbers improve.

  3. Health bloggers – If you’re encouraging people to achieve good health through health education, you can be a successful True Health affiliate.

  4. Online nutritional supplement retailers- What better way to market your product than including relevant testing? Plus, you can offer your customers test results reviews with our clinical staff.

  5. Customers who have had testing done themselves and have become advocates.

How It Works? | Video

What is an affiliate program? In simple terms, you make a profit when someone you referred from your website, blog etc., purchases a product from us.

New! Check out our Team Affiliate Program (get credit for referring other affiliates).


  1. Sign up. If you are accepted as an affiliate, we will add your website(s) to our affiliate list.

  2. Your website visitors click on links that send them to our website. Your affiliate information is recorded automatically.

  3. If a visitor completes an order, you receive a commission for the sale.

We take care of fulfillment and handle all customer questions. We provide you with advertising material such as marketing banners. All you need to do to make money is to refer your viewers.


Affiliate Program Details

Program Cost- Free!

Fixed commission- You will receive a 10% commission on the total sale. Our average affiliate profits approximately $55 per sale. Some affiliates average 3-6 sales a day equaling on average $250 a day. We accept self-purchases and apply your 10% commission (note: coupons, commissions, and reward points cannot be combined for affiliate accounts or self orders).

It gets better! We pay you more!

If you generate 11-15 sales/month, you will get 13% on those orders. Generate more than 15 sales/month and receive a big 15% on those orders.

Note that commissions, promo codes, and reward points are not eligible in combination for affiliate accounts. Affiliates are only eligible for commissions. This includes self-purchases and purchases for others.  See terms and conditions.

Payout- The minimum payout is $100 and will be sent to your personal PayPal account on the 15th of each month. For more details see our terms and conditions.

Last year we paid out more than $30,000 to affiliates.

Ready to join? See our FAQ’s and some helpful videos.
Start making profits in as little as 5 minutes. Join the hundreds of TrueHealthLabs.com affiliates today!

*Affiliate program cannot be used with those you have a doctor/patient relationship with. That said, you can use our service without receiving affiliate payments.



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