Team Affiliates

Team Affiliates

We are happy to announce our new Team Affiliate Program.

This program will allow you to invite others bloggers, healthcare providers, or health advocates in your mission to provide deeper insights into restoring their health.

We are very particular on who joins as a affiliate. We review everyone who applies. Those who does not have the mission to help other as you do, will not be accepted.

You are an advocate for those who are challenged with health issues and we want to help fuel and reward your mission.

How The Program Works | How To Video

  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. In the sidebar, click Promotions–>Advanced Tools–> Signup SubAffiliate
  3. Under “Signup New Affiliates”, you will see the link you can share.
    1. You will notice that the link has your affiliate tag at the end of it (e.g. Most people are ok knowing that you are an affiliate, however, if you must hide your affiliate tag, you can link it to text (looks like this) or use the free service
  4. Invite those you know that would benefit from the program (those who have an online presences and are health advocates).

Team Affiliate Rewards

For every sale that you Team Affiliate makes, you will receive 2% of that order. For example, the average order amount is currently $350.00 so you would receive $7.00 automatically no matter how many times that customer orders.


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