Get to Know was created to make lab testing directly available to those who are uninsured, have high deductibles, are being restricted from getting lab tests they’ve asked for, or simply want to make their own healthcare choices.

Over the years, we have seen an overwhelming number of people using the internet to research their important health issues. Many are stumbling into “functional lab testing”. These labs are intended to give a deeper insight into how your environment, e.g., what you eat and are exposed to, affects your short and long-term health. Some examples are food sensitivity testing, and vitamin/mineral testing and organic acid testing. is a Direct Access Testing (DAT) company that provides lab tests from dozens of CLIA certified laboratories both in the USA and internationally.


Ways to use

  • Ask your doctor for the list of your lab tests then order them with us and save 20-80%
  • Browse our test categories for the lab tests that best fit you.
  • Do online research yourself then order the necessary test(s) online.

Great treatment starts with great lab testing. We can provide you with the information you need to put your health back in your own hands. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


More About True Health Labs

TrueHealthLabs.comTM was with the purpose of providing the public with a fast, convenient, affordable, and confidential method for ordering laboratory tests. Through our relationships with CLIA certified laboratories, customers can have their specimens collected at one of our over 2,000 convenient locations throughout the United States. TrueHealthLabs.comTM is dedicated to helping those who have decided to take control of their own healthcare. It serves as a scorecard for individuals to monitor their health and adjust their lifestyles to live a healthy and productive life.

Here at TrueHealthLabs.comTM , we firmly believe that no person should be restricted to the limitations of our current healthcare system. Also, we believe that our customers should work in conjunction with a licensed healthcare professional. Using our service is the first step in controlling your health.

TrueHealthLabs.comTM, believes in preventative and predictive medicine. That is why we not only offer typical tests you would receive from your doctor, but advanced testing that detects nutritional imbalances. These tests can help you make specific lifestyle changes based on your personal chemistry.



Logo of True Health Labs the place to order lab tests online is the better way to order lab tests & blood tests online. We provide you with lab tests from dozens of CLIA certified laboratories in the USA, Canada and internationally. Test Results you can trust in.

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