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We help you understand your lab test results.

We here at TrueHealthLabs.comTM believe that understanding your results empowers you to make the best health decisions.
You have the opportunity to add on a one-on-one phone results review with every order. Many test panels come with a free review (will be posted on the test page and cart).

Explanations are for education purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Since there is no doctor/patient relationship, treatment recommendations can not be given directly. Calls may be recorded for legal purposes only and the privacy of them are protected by HIPAA laws. You can receive a copy of the recording upon request.

Saves time
Most visits to the doctor consist of taking off work, waiting until the doctor is available, ordering blood work, completing blood work, taking off work again for the doctor to quickly go over your results. With, you can now get your blood before you go to your doctor, saving time.

Choose from one of our test panels or send us your list of tests from your doctor.

Saves money saves you 20-80% off lab tests by negotiating directly with CLIA certified labs.

Stay healthy
Tests can identify risk factors of disease-important information that can help you and your doctor target lifestyle changes.

Detect disease early
Some diseases develop over time and produce no symptoms. Testing can help you identify these serious conditions early. In general, the longer a medical condition remains undetected and undiagnosed, the more difficult the treatment and the less chance for success.

Clarify family history
Lab tests can confirm or rule out inherited conditions and if present, lab monitoring can guide corrective therapy.

Participate in your healthcare
Arriving at your doctor’s office with test results in hand and an understanding of those results will save time and allow for a more in-depth discussion of specific concerns.

Obtain peace of mind
“Normal” test results are significant. Your tests can help establish your “baseline” for future monitoring and to give you general information about your health. In addition, if you have made lifestyle changes to improve your health, you will want to know if your efforts have been successful!

Maintain privacy – no one else will see your test results! Not even your insurance company!
We take your privacy very seriously. Unless we have your permission or are required by law to release results to someone else (as in the case of some communicable diseases that have to be reported to the state department of health), only, our professional staff will see your results.

Because you pay directly for your tests, your results do not get reported to your insurance company. This can give you extra time to update your insurance plan before you are officially diagnosed.

Maintain an excellent health profile
Unfortunately, lab tests ordered by your physician become part of your permanent medical record and you may be forced to disclose it in certain circumstances-change in job, application for life, health and disability insurance and for other important life events. If known, many lab markers for future health concerns can be modified by simple lifestyle changes. Once optimized, your lab profile can become an aid instead of a hindrance in your permanent medical record. Disclaimer: Service and tests provided byTrueHealthLabs.comare not intended to be a substitute for consultation with a physician or other appropriate health care provider, or annual physical examination. Lab test explanations are not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease or conditions.



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