How much commission will I make? You will receive a 10% commission on the total sale. Our average affiliate profits approximately $55 per sale. Some affiliates average 3-6 sales a day equaling on average $250 a day. We accept self-purchases and apply your 10% commission (note: coupon codes and commissions cannot be combined).

It gets better! We pay you more!

If you generate 11-15 sales/month, you will get 13% on those orders. Generate more than 15 sales/month and receive a big 15% on those ordersBack to top

When and how do I get paid? Payments are made through PayPal and will show on your account on the 15th day of each month. You must have earned at least a total of $100 in order for payment to be made. Back to top

How do I operate my affiliate page? Click here for an example of how to operate your affiliate page. Back to top

Can I have other affiliates “under” me? Yes. We want more people to become avocets of their own health so if you know of someone that has a health presence online, you can sign them up underneath you. You’ll receive 2% on any customer order they refer! Learn howBack to top

If someone clicks on my link, goes to your site, leaves, then returns later and makes a purchase, do I still make commission? Yes, you do! Our program collects information about who clicked on your link so that if that customer returns directly to our site to purchase, that information (along with your affiliate information) gets passed along. Back to top

Do I need to pay taxes on the income I recieve? Yes. If you make over $600 in profit, we will send you a 1099 miscellaneous income tax form. We have already emailed you a W9 form that you need to fill out and email to Please search your inbox. Back to top

Can I get commission and use discount codes on self-purchases? No. You can either receive a commission or use a discount code on self-purchases. We do this to minimize affiliate program abuse. Back to top


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