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Absolutely one of the best tests ever! The test I took gave me so much information and made so much sense. I will definitely use this company again! Easy testing and great service!
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Test for Coronavirus COVID-19 | Nasal Swab

The Coronavirus test (COVID-19) by IGeneX Labs uses advanced PCR technology to test for the direct presence of the COVID-19 virus. The kit has the option to test for COVID-19 antibodies used the more accurate Immunoblot method which can help confirm infection along with identifying protective immunity to the virus. Ordering both tests is recommended (
get notified when available).

What is COVID-19 PCR?

At the center of the Coronavirus is RNA (similar to DNA). PCR testing takes the RNA and copies it millions of times until it can be detected. If you are negative COVID-19, then there will be no RNA to copy. COVID-19 PCR testing is considered very accurate for the detection of COVID-19, however, it is highly recommended to add the ImmunoBlot antibody test to verify infection/exposure and clarity protective immunity.

What is the ImmunoBlot Blood Test?

There are indirect ways to test for the coronavirus: ELISA and immunoblotting. ELISA testing is faster but its major drawback is the rate of false positives since there are multiple strains of coronaviruses other than COVID-19 that the test can show positive for.

ImmunoBlot testing is more complex but it much more accurate, using an advanced technique (electrophoresis) to detect COVID-19 and provide information on protective immunity. It is suggested to run both PCR and ImmunoBlot to obtain the best and most accurate results.

Will the ImmunoBlot show if I’m Immune to the coronavirus?

Yes. If you are not showing symptoms and your Immunoblot IgG antibodies are elevated, this means you have been exposed and you are very likely immune to COVID-19. You could still be a carrier of coronavirus (indicated by the PCR test) so you should still practice social distasting and wear a face mask to help protect others.

If you are only interested in the ImmunoBlot test to see if you are immune to the COVID-19 coronavirus, it can be ordered separately here (now available).

Possible Coronavirus COVID-19 Test Results:


What’s Being Tested:


  • Coronavirus COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 Virus) PCR Swab Test

    Specimen Type:
    Nasopharyngeal Swab and/or Oropharyngeal Swab Home Test Kit; processed by IGenex Labs; Standard free shipping is 2 days (1-day shipping available at checkout). (Draw Locations | How It Works | FAQs)

    Results Turnaround Time: 2-3 business days


    • Disclaimer: Test results are not a substitute for medical advice. Any information given here or elsewhere on TrueHealthLabs.com is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the FDA. Samples are collected at your own risk. As with any lab test, false negatives are possible. Consult with your treating physician to determine if re-testing is needed and for further evaluation and treatment.
    • This individual COVID-19 PCR test does not qualify for discounts.
    • Test results will be reported to your state’s health department.



    Coronavirus COVID-19 Swab Test- Collection Instructions


    Nasopharyngeal swab test for COVID-19 PCR (nose swab)

    Note: The collection process can be uncomfortable. Instruct the recipient to stay calm. If you are uncomfortable collecting the sample, take your kit to a qualified healthcare practitioner.


    • Sample instructional swab collection video
    • Tilt the head back 70 degrees supporting the back of the head.
    • Gently insert the swab into the nostril along the floor of the septum (not up) until the back of the nose (nasopharyngeal wall) is reached. Do not force.
    • Rotate the swab several times (5-10 seconds) while the swab is in contact with the nasopharyngeal wall.
    • Place the swab in the transport tube and break off the swab at the indicator line and replace the cap, place in included plastic bio-bag and refrigerate until ready to ship.



    Coronavirus Test Kit Shipping Instructions


    • All return shipping supplies are included in the kit.
    • First, arrange specimen pickup FedEx.
    • Place the specimen inside the bio-bag along with the IGeneX requisition form (found inside the kit or will be emailed) in the styrofoam container, add the frozen ice brick then close and secure with packing tape.
    • Adhere the return label and ship with your prearranged pickup.
    • Use disposable gloves to disinfect the box before pickup. If you must hand the box to the person picking up the package, please wear a face mask.
    • IGeneX Labs must receive the sample within 72 hours after collection.
      556 Gibraltar Dr. Milpitas, CA 95035
    • Full Collection and Shipping Instructions




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