Cyrex Labs Frequently Asked Questions

Cyrex tests are not available in New York state. In order to complete your tests, you will be required to visit a nearby state or have completed on travel.

Cyrex Labs Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ordering Procedure?

  1. Cyrex tests can no longer be ordered online. You can order Cyrex tests by calling 1-888-763-1223.
  2. The test kit(s) will be mailed to you.
  3. You will receive your requisition form via email within 24hrs. Print and place in the kit box prior to mailing it back to the lab (free return shipping is included with the kit).
  4. Schedule your blood draw once you have received your requisition for via email. SCHEDULE HERE. You may call other local draw centers (hospitals etc.) to have your specimen drawn (fees may apply).
  5. All samples take 14 business days to process once the lab receives your sample.
  6. You will receive your results via email the day they are reported to us.

Do I have to stop taking any medication?

It is recommended to be clear of immunosuppressants and/or corticosteroids for at least 60 days prior to taking this test. Please consult with your prescribing healthcare provider.

Do I have to fast before my Cyrex test?

Sample collection instructions regarding fasting are included in each sample collection kit, which must be read before collecting any samples. Oral fluid testing requires collection between 6 am and 9 am, with no eating one hour before and no drinking 30 minutes before collection. Blood testing has no fasting requirements or collection restrictions.

The test kit came with saliva and blood collection tubes. Do I use them all?

There is one kit for all tests, however, only array #1 and array #5 use the saliva vials. If you did not order SIgA, you can disregard the saliva vial.

Can I order Cyrex tests for children under the age of 15?

Yes, however, there are some stipulations:

  • Not all draw centers have the equipment and/or staff to conduct blood draws for children. We recommend that you call the center to see if they can conduct pediatric blood draws. If you want to check if there is one near you before ordering, please contact us.
  • Due to circumstances beyond our control, pediatric blood draws are not included under Cyrex’s contracted phlebotomy. All patients 15 years of age and younger are included in the pediatric group. Pediatric blood draws must be scheduled by the parents at a laboratory of their choosing. A draw fee may be required.

Is there a blood draw fee?

You can schedule your specimen collection here.
Make sure to print out the authorization form after you schedule your appointment to get a complementary blood draw from the Cyrex Labs contracted location of your choice.
You are not limited to the suggested draw centers, you may also use draw center of your choice. Contact them first to confirm if they draw for test kits and if there are any fees.

How do you schedule a specimen draw?

If you have already purchased your Cyrex test and have received your requisition form, you can schedule your specimen collection here.
Alternatively, you can choose a lab/draw center of your choice.

I ate something before collecting my oral fluid. Should I rinse out the tube and recollect my specimen?

Contact us to obtain a new collection kit. Do not rinse and reuse the collection tube.

Is the liquid in the oral fluid collection tube harmful?

The liquid is an antibiotic that preserves the specimen. It is not harmful if accidentally swallowed.

Can I order Cyrex Tests Internationally?

We are now accepting international Cyrex orders! Samples must be returned to the lab within 7 days of the sample collection. You are responsible for the return shipping. Sign up for our newsletter to keep updated.

Can I ship my specimen on a Friday or Saturday?

In order for Cyrex to provide the best results, specimen shipments should be sent Monday-Thursday.

How long does testing take?

The average turnaround time for all Cyrex testing is 14 business days. We will email you the results the day we received them from Cyrex Labs.
If you do not receive your results after 16 business days, please contact us.

Are Cyrex tests government approved?

Cyrex Laboratories is CLIA* certified and licensed in the state of Arizona . Cyrex participates in CAP (College of American Pathologists) surveys to assure quality procedures and regulatory compliance. Cyrex Laboratories follows the strictest federal guidelines for the development of its assays.

*Congress passed the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) in 1988, establishing quality standards for all laboratory testing to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of patient test results regardless of where the test is performed.


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