Quest Diagnostics Draw Locations

Note that some locations have discontinued service with Quest Diagnostics. Call to verify that your chosen location is still operational.

Important Notes

  • The test(s) you have chosen cannot be collected in NY, NJ, RI or outside the US. You can, however, visit a draw location in another state.
    • Even though NY, NJ, and RI locations will show on the locator tool, samples can NOT be drawn within their borders.
  • Your requisition form is emailed to you within24 hours after purchase. Print out your form and take it with you to the Quest draw center. Appointments can be made, however, they are not required.
  • Draw fee is included with your purchase!
  • You can make an appointment below, however, walk-ins are accepted.
  • These draw centers will not draw for test kits from our other processors (e.g. NeuroScience Labs, Genova Labs, Great Plans Labs etc.).
  • Note that Sonora Quest locations are not Quest Diagnostics locations.
  • Contact us with any questions. Do not contact Quest Diagnostics directly.


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