Integrative Health Strategies Panel

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Integrative Health Strategies Panel

What’s Being Tested

  • Value Panel

    • Health Check Plus with Vitamin D
  • General Screen

    • CBC
    • CMP
    • Basic Cholesterol
  • Nutrition

    • Iron, TIBC, ferritin, % saturation
    • Homocysteine
    • Lead
    • Serum B12
    • Lithium
    • Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acid
    • Fatty Acid Profile, Bloodspot
    • Fat Soluble Vitamins
    • Vitamin K Assay
    • Toxic and essential elements
    • Toxic and Essential elements
  • Endocrine

    • Vitamin D
    • TSH
    • Reverse T3, Free T3, Free T4
    • Thyroid Antibodies: TPO, TGA
    • Adrenal Stress Profile – US Bio-health #205

    • Adrenal Stress Profile – US Bio-health #204
    • HPA Axis with Neurotransmitters
  • Gastrointestinal

    • DNA Stool Test Comprehensive GI Effects
  • Metabolism

    • HgbA1C
    • Insulin
    • C-peptide
    • Optimal Nutrition Evaluation (ONE)
    • Nutreval
    • Metametrix Ion 40 (child)
    • Metametrix Ion 40 (adult)
    • Metabolic Analysis Profile (MAP)
    • Metametrix Organix Comprehensive
    • Great Plains OAT
    • Amino Acid blood spot
    • Amino Acid, Urine
    • CV Test
  • Immune

    • CRP
    • Total Iga
    • Anti dnase B
    • ASO
    • Lymphocyte Response Assay (basic)
    • Lymphocyte Response Assay Comprehensive
    • Immediate IGE food allergy test

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comments: Your customer service is excellent - responsive and goes the extra mile. Worked with Rachel, who was terrific. The website lagged a lot, but may be new year's eve traffic. Also, a coupon supposed to expire on 1/1/22 did not work when ordered on 12/31/21. Overall however, your service and availability of labs, which is most important, is excellent.

Carolyn Boyd

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