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NutrEval FMV | Amino Acids in Urine | Genova

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NutrEval FMV | Amino Acids in Urine by Genova

Note: The amino acids tested for in the NutrEval FMV is by urine compared to the NutrEval Plasma in which amino acids are tested in the plasma. This is the only difference between the two tests.

Most know that the foods they eat affect their health. On the other side, the things you do not consume, but maybe need, may also have a powerful impact on your body.

That is why many people take vitamins and supplements – to feel better and prevent disease. While taking vitamins can be extremely beneficial, everyone has specific nutritional needs. It is important to understand which supplements are right for your body and your circumstances so that you don’t waste money on items that could be unnecessary or even harmful.

With the NutrEval® test, you can find exact answers to your health questions. NutrEval® can help you achieve optimal health beyond just feeling better. This test panel includes several comprehensive tests:

Amino Acid Test

Amino acids are vital for optimal health. They are the body’s basic building blocks and are responsible for the health of bone and muscle. Balance is critical for proper nerve function, detoxification, metabolism, and digestion. When amino acids are too high or low, they can cause fatigue, increase heart disease risk, and promote depression, anxiety, and mood swings. Once identified with the NutrEval®, imbalances can be corrected, helping to prevent many chronic illnesses before they can cause lasting damage. This NutrEval tests amino acids in the urine.

Omega 3, 6, and Other Fatty Acids Test

Fatty acids are essential to the construction of cell membranes. Too little or too much fat can cause health problems. Reduced levels of certain fats can result in depression, hyperactivity, numbness, and tingling in the hands and feet, as well as early senility. In addition, pregnant and lactating mothers should have their fatty acids tested to ensure their children receive the fats needed for proper brain and nerve development. Measurement is the only means to determine your individual needs.

Mineral and Heavy Metal Testing

Minerals in our body serve two functions: one being that they are the building blocks, second being that they are regulators of our body’s processes. Many of these minerals are derived from supplements. Some minerals can even be toxic. Magnesium, copper, and manganese are beneficial. If proper amounts are not obtained, problems such as joint pain, weight problems, depressed libido, depression, or anxiety can occur. On the other hand, exposure to mercury, lead, arsenic, or other heavy metals can be harmful, causing fatigue, emotional disturbances, and even kidney failure. Laboratory testing can provide valuable information about your health.

Antioxidant Test

Antioxidants are protective molecules that reduce free radical damage or oxidative stress. Free radicals are naturally occurring compounds in our body that can cause severe injury to cells. Low levels of antioxidants lessen your protection from these harmful compounds. Antioxidants are essential for the body’s ability to protect against free radicals, and for the healthy function of the neurological, endocrine, and immune systems. Oxidative stress is linked to premature aging, heart disease, neurological diseases, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Lab tests can assess the equilibrium between oxidative stress and antioxidant protection.


What’s Being Tested:

  • Metabolic Analysis Profile
    • 5-OH-indoleacetic Acid
    • Citric Acid
    • Creatinine
    • Homovanillic Acid
    • Lactic Acid
    • Pyruvic Acid
    • Vanilmandelic Acid
    • Organic Acids
      • Adipic Acid
      • A-Ketoglutaric Acid
      • B-OH-b-Methylglutaric Acid
      • B-OH-Butyric Acid
      • Isocitric Acid
      • Malic Acid
      • Suberic Acid
      • Succinic Acid
      • 2-Hydroxyphenylacetic Acid
      • 3-Hydroxyproprionic Acid
      • 4-Hydroxyphenylpyruvic Acid
      • A-Ketoadipic Acid
      • A-Keto-b-Methylvaleric Acid
      • A-Ketoisocaproic
      • A-Ketoisovaleric
      • Glutaric Acid
      • Homogentisic Acid
      • Methylmalonic Acid
      • Orotic Acid
      • Arabinose
      • Benzoic/Hippuric Acids Ratio
      • Citramalic Acid
      • DHPPA
      • Indoleacetic Acid
      • Phenylacetic Acid
      • Pyroglutamic Acid
      • Cis-Aconitic Acid
      • 3-Methyl-4-OH-phenylglycol
      • Kynurenic Acid
      • Formiminoglutamic Acid
    • Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acids
      • Behenic Acid
      • Docosatetraenoic Acid
      • Lignoceric Acid
      • Nervonic Acid
      • Tricosanoic Acid
    • Amino Acids Analysis
    • Oxidative Stress Analysis
      • 8-OHdG
      • Lipid Peroxides, Urine
    • Glutathione
    • Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone)
    • Nutrient & Toxic Elements
      • Cadmium
      • Heavy Metals
        • Antimony
        • Arsenic
        • Mercury
        • Tin
      • Lead
      • Copper
      • Magnesium
      • Manganese
      • Potassium
      • Selenium
      • Zinc


Important Note:

  • This kit cannot be mailed or collected in New York State. Contact us with questions.
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