Multiple Food Immune Reactivity Screen- Cyrex Array #10

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  • Turnaround Time: 14 business days
  • Not Available in: New York
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Cyrex Array 10 Multiple Food Immune Reactivity Screen | 180 Food Sensitivities

The Cyrex Array 10 helps identify food sensitivities that may be promoting chronic health issues. Since the immune system can react differently to cooked, raw, and modified foods, the Array 10 test for them, giving you the best guide on what foods to eat and which ones to avoid.


What’s Being Tested:

Dairy and Eggs, Modified
Egg White, boiled Soft and Hard Cheese
Egg Yolk, boiled Yogurt
Goat’s Milk


Grains, Raw and Modified
White and Brown Rice, boiled Rice Endochitinase
Rice Cake Wild Rice, boiled
Rice Protein Wheat and Alpha- Gliadins


Beans, Modified
Black Beans, boiled Lentil Lectin
Bean Agglutinins Lima Bean, boiled
Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Pinto Bean, boiled
Fava Bean, boiled Soybean Agglutinin
Garbanzo Beans, boiled Soybean Oleosin and Aquaporin
Kidney Bean, boiled Soy Sauce, gluten-free
Lentil, Boiled Tofu


Nuts and Seeds, Raw and Modified
Almond Peanut, roasted
Almond, roasted Peanut Butter
Brazil Nut, raw and roasted Peanut Agglutinin
Cashew Peanut Oleosin
Cashew, roasted Pistachio, raw and roasted
Cashew Vicilin Pumpkin Seeds, roasted
Chia Seed Sesame Albumin
Flax Seed Sesame Oleosin
Hazelnut, raw and roasted Sunflower Seeds, roasted
Macadamia Nut, raw and roasted Walnut
Mustard Seed Pecan, raw and roasted


Vegetables, Raw and Modified
Artichoke, boiled Mushroom, raw and boiled
Asparagus Okra, boiled
Asparagus, boiled Olive, green and black, pickled
Beet, boiled Onion and Scallion
Bell Pepper Onion and Scallion, boiled
Broccoli Pea, boiled
Broccoli, boiled Pea Protein
Brussels Sprouts, boiled Pea Lectin
Cabbage, red and green Potato, white, baked
Cabbage, boiled Potato, white, fried
Canola Oleosin Pumpkin and Squash, baked
Carrot Radish
Cauliflower, boiled Safflower and Sunflower Oleosin
Celery Seaweed
Chili Pepper Spinach and Aquaporin
Corn and Aquaporin, boiled Tomato and Aquaporin
Popped Corn Tomato Paste
Corn Oleosin Yam and Sweet Potato, baked
Cucumber, pickled Zucchini, boiled
Eggplant, baked Green Bean, boiled
Garlic Lettuce
Garlic, boiled


Fruit, Raw and Modified
Apple White Wine
Apple Cider Grapefruit
Apricot Kiwi
Avocado Lemon and Lime
Banana Mango
Banana, boiled Orange
Latex Hevein Orange Juice
Blueberry Papaya
Cantaloupe and Honeydew Melon Peach and Nectarine
Cherry Pear
Coconut, meat and water Pineapple
Cranberry Pineapple Bromelain
Date Plum
Fig Pomegranate
Grape, red and green Strawberry
Red Wine Watermelon


Fish and Seafood, Raw and Modified
Cod, baked Tuna, seared
Halibut, baked Whitefish, baked
Mackerel, baked Crab and Lobster, boiled
Red Snapper, baked Imitation Crab
Salmon Clam, boiled
Salmon, baked Oyster, boiled
Sardine and Anchovy, cooked Scallops, seared
Sea Bass, seared Squid (Calamari), seared
Tilapia, baked Shrimp, seared
Trout, baked Shrimp Tropomyosin
Tuna Parvalbumin


Meats, Modified
Beef, boiled medium Turkey, baked
Chicken, boiled Gelatin
Lamb, baked Meat Glue
Pork, baked


Herbs, Raw
Basil Oregano
Cilantro Parsley
Cumin Rosemary
Dill Thyme
Spices, Raw
Cinnamon Paprika
Clove Turmeric
Mint Vanilla
Carrageenan Locust Bean Gum
Gum Guar Mastic Gum and Gum Atabic
Gum Tragacanth Xanthan Gum
Brewed Beverages and Additives
Coffee Bean Protein, brewed Honey, raw and processed
Black Tea, brewed Beta Glucan
Green Tea, brewed Food Coloring


Fasting: No (review kit instructions)

Specimen: Blood, Cyrex Test Kit (Draw Location | How It Works | FAQs)

Turnaround Time: 14 Business days (once the lab receives your sample)


  • It is recommended to be clear of immunosuppressants and/or corticosteroids for at least 60 days prior to taking this test. Please consult with your prescribing healthcare provider.
  • We are now accepting international orders. Sample must be received within 7 days. Additional return shipping fees may apply.
  • Due to circumstances beyond our control, pediatric blood draws are not included under Cyrex’s contracted phlebotomy. All patients 15 years of age and younger are included in the pediatric group. Pediatric blood draws must be scheduled by the parents at a laboratory of their choosing, and must be paid for by the parent at the time of service.
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