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gi-stool-test-gi360-digestive-healthUnderstanding the GI 360 Profile Test

The GI 360 Profile by Doctor’s Data is a comprehensive stool analysis that provides detailed insights into the microbiome, digestive function, and potential pathogens within the gastrointestinal tract. This test employs advanced methodologies, including PCR technology, to detect bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses, offering a complete view of gut health.

Why the GI 360 Profile Matters

In conventional and functional medicine, this test is crucial for diagnosing and managing gastrointestinal disorders, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), and other digestive issues. Understanding the gut microbiome’s complexity helps in tailoring personalized treatment plans for optimal health outcomes.

Why Consider This Test?

Ordering this test can be critical for individuals experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms or those interested in assessing their gut health as part of a preventive health strategy. It provides actionable insights that can guide dietary adjustments, lifestyle changes, and medical interventions.

Labs Included in Your Order

Test Name Reference Range Description
GI360 Profile See Detailed Report A comprehensive stool test that evaluates the gut microbiome, digestion, absorption, and the presence of pathogens.


What is the GI 360 Profile Test For?

It’s designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of gut health, identifying imbalances in the microbiome, and detecting pathogens that may contribute to gastrointestinal issues.

What Causes High and Low Levels?

Fluctuations in microbiome levels can be caused by diet, lifestyle, antibiotic use, infections, and other health conditions.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms?

Signs include bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal pain, indicating possible gut health issues.

How Often Should I Retest?

Retesting is recommended based on individual health needs and under the guidance of a healthcare provider.

How Accurate is the Test?

This test uses advanced technologies to ensure high accuracy in detecting a wide range of gastrointestinal pathogens.

Are Test Results Private and Confidential?

Lab results are provided securely through your TrueHealthLabs.com results tab under “My Account.” Results may be provided to local, state, or federal health authorities, but only when legally required, as in the case of infectious diseases like STDs or COVID-19. Review our privacy policy for more details.

To learn more, see our comprehensive guide to the GI 360 Home Gut Health Test.


Reviewed by Jeff Donohue M.D. from Body Logic and Brady Hurst DC, CCCN. Written by True Health Labs team of editorial health contributors.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and not intended as medical advice. Consult your healthcare provider for personalized guidance.

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